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What is Databuild

DATABUILD is a smart application made by Datagrid, simple and user-friendly which places buildings and facilities on a map, organizes and categorizes their respective files and information and, additionally, records and calculates their energy consumption and respective carbon footprint.


Organize, manage and view your buildings and facilities with the Databuild GIS system, based on Google Maps. Enhance your viewing experience with:

  • Coordinates
  • Name
  • Photograph
  • Νavigation instructions from your current location (smartphone compatible).
  • Choose which buildings or facilities are viewed by the public or are restricted to logged users only.


Trust Databuild to solve the timeless problem of digitalization and storage of building and facility data.

  • Digitize and organize technical files, studies, legal documents, photos and invoices.
  • Manage, view and download your data from anywhere.
  • Set password-protected accounts with multiple permission levels ranging from read only to full administrator.


Use Databuild to monitor the energy consumption and carbon footprint of your buildings and facilities in 2 easy steps

  1. Set the energy supplies with a name/code and the energy type that defines them (electricity, heating oil, natural gas, biofuel, etc).
  2. Enter energy consumption readings under their respective supplies. Optionally, accompany them with a corresponding invoice upload.

Everything else is done automatically by Databuild. Thanks to its accurate and credible calculations, Databuild produces statistics:

  • For all buildings and facilities as a whole
  • For each building or facility
  • For each energy supply
  • For each energy type submitted

Databuild in local government

At the level of local government, Databuild's calculations and statistics can be used, in accordance with the Covenant of Mayors, for the necessary energy consumption and carbon emissions recordings to ensure:

  • Optimal decision making and design of energy upgrading actions.
  • Accurate calculations using perfectly compatible methodology.
  • Drastic simplification of the time consuming act of recording municipal carbon emissions.

Databuild in business

For the private sector, Databuild can aid in overall energy monitoring and help reduce energy cost and emissions, strengthening Corporate Social Responsibility in the process.

  • Accurate calculation of the business' carbon footprint.
  • Extract conclusions from measurements, calculations and statistics that contribute to the business' energy planning.
  • ISO 50000
  • Real-time measurements of energy consumption (with the Tracker plug-in)

Tracker plug-in

Tracker is an autonomous application that connects to sensors and can measure energy consumption in real time. It can be an optional addition to Databuild and through Tracker a user gets access to:

  • An interactive and easy to use interface.
  • Real-time monitoring of energy consumption.
  • Analysis and statistics of real-time data.